Top 5 Bikes Owned By Wwe Icon Undertaker The American Badass Collection

Custom Built West Coast Choppers

The Undertaker has been seen riding custom-built West Coast Choppers motorcycles during his "American Badass" persona phase. These bikes often featured bold designs and customized details


As a Harley-Davidson enthusiast, The Undertaker has been photographed with various Harley models throughout his career. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their classic American style and powerful engines

Chopper-style Bikes

The Undertaker's "American Badass" character was often associated with chopper-style motorcycles, characterized by their long front forks, low seating position, and custom paint jobs.

Custom Cruiser Bikes

Along with choppers, The Undertaker has been linked to custom cruiser bikes, which offer a comfortable riding experience for long-distance journeys. These bikes typically feature relaxed riding positions and powerful engines

Limited Edition or One-of-a-kind Builds

Given The Undertaker's status as a WWE icon and motorcycle enthusiast, it's possible that he owns limited edition or custom-built motorcycles that are not widely known to the public.