These 8 Medium-Length Hairstyles Are Easy and Super Flattering

Flipped Ends

For a time now, flipped ends have been in style, and they don't seem to be going away. That's most likely due to how simple and flattering they are to attain.

Slicked-Back Style

A few things will always remain the same. Among these is the fact that we will always adore a sleek hairstyle. We'll use a strong-hold hair spray, a style product

Curly Topknot

This is it the globally adored selfie. Zendaya looks stunning in this photo, not only with perfect makeup but also with a curly topknot.

Old Hollywood Waves

Alright, so out of all the hairstyles on our list, Old Hollywood Waves are definitely the most challenging, but don't give up. This look is completely achievable if you own a curling iron

Y2K-Inspired Updo

Given Dua Lipa's affinity for Y2K-inspired fashion, this updo is perfect. In order to frame the face, it's important to leave a significant amount of hair outside the bun.

Center Part With Piecey Waves

It is quite simple to copy this style, which is infallible. In order to achieve Laura Harrier's style, use a texture spray to give your hair definition and a piecey-ness.

Braided Front Pieces

Whatever your natural hair texture is, you can embrace it with Hailey Bieber's braided front pieces. To achieve this, just use a comb to divide off two little sections of hair

'60s-Inspired Ponytail

This is how the flipped-ends hairstyle would look if it transformed into a traditional ponytail. We adore the high-shine sheen, volume, and lift this style has to offer.