The “Fox Haircut” Is Trending… Here Are 8 Ideas To See If You Can Pull It Off

Fox Cut with Long Layers and Waves:

This glamorous style features voluminous layers starting at the collarbone, creating movement and body. Ideal for thick hair, it enhances oval and square face shapes with its luxurious.

Medium Foxy Cut with Tousled Waves:

Effortlessly chic, this medium-length cut adds volume and texture with tousled waves starting at the jawline. Perfect for fine to medium hair, it complements round and oval face shapes.

Foxy Hairstyle with Deep Side Part:

Dramatic and eye-catching, this style boasts voluminous layers cascading from the chin. Suitable for medium to thick hair, it flatters oval and heart-shaped faces, emphasizing a sophisticated.

Fox Cut with Side-Swept Bangs:

Adding elegance with a face-framing effect, this cut blends shoulder-length layers seamlessly into side-swept bangs. Versatile for all hair types, it enhances round and square face shapes with a timeless charm.

Fox Hair with Razor Cut Ends:

Modern and edgy, this style features razor-cut ends and feathered layers from the collarbone. Ideal for medium to thick hair, it balances an edgy touch with soft, feminine appeal.

Fox Hairstyle with Feathered Layers:

Offering a light and airy look, feathered layers start at the collarbone, enhancing medium to thick hair. Flattering for oval and square face shapes, it exudes modern sophistication.

Fox Cut with Choppy Layers:

Bold and textured, choppy layers from the jawline add volume and dimension. Ideal for medium to thick hair, it accentuates oval and square face shapes with a distinctive flair.

Fox Haircut with Tapered Ends:

Sleek and defined, this cut showcases tapered ends starting at the chin. Perfect for medium to thick hair, it provides structure while reducing bulk, enhancing round and square face shapes.