The 8 Best Dry Shampoos to Sop Up Hair Sweat


Sephora claims this is the best-selling dry shampoo, selling out quickly. It's received several honors, is a beauty-editor favorite, works on all hair types, and cleans hair while removing oil, perspiration, and stink.


We're completely enamored with this dry shampoo because of its strong distinctive aroma and the way it deceives us into believing we're only on day two of our no-wash regimen rather than day five.


The fact that Sephora consumers still love this vivid dry shampoo bottle after years is remarkable. It's lightweight, smells great, and rejuvenates hair with natural rice starch (not talc or aluminum).


Since many dry shampoo products left our strands white or ashy, the industry struggled for a long time. Dark-haired people had trouble finding dry shampoos that looked decent.


On my third or fourth day without washing, I tried this shampoo and was amazed. It's Sephora's sixth best-selling dry shampoo, and I couldn't believe how well its charcoal and white tea components refreshed.


One of the reasons we adore Nordstrom is their great selection of under-the-radar companies with great goods but less commercial exposure. Brand N:P Famous celebrity hairdresser David Babaii.


Hard not to enjoy Ouai's dry shampoo. This super-absorbent dry shampoo by celebrity hairdresser Jen Atkin uses volcanic minerals and rice starch to rejuvenate even the oiliest hair.


This undetectable dry shampoo may be Bumble & Bumble's most popular hair product. Like its name, it's invisible in hair and absorbs oil and perspiration quickly with French pink clay. It also has UV filters for sun.