The 7 Weird and Incredible Facts About Frog

GLASS FROGS MAKE THEIR SKIN TRANSPARENT BY HIDING RED BLOOD CELLS IN THEIR LIVERS: In order to protect themselves from predators while resting on leaves, these tiny frogs make their skin nearly transparent by packing their red blood cells into their livers.

CERTAIN SPECIES OF FROGS CAN FREEZE NEARLY SOLID IN THE WINTER, AND EMERGE UNSCATHED IN THE SPRING: Wood frogs have evolved to keep up to 65% of their bodies cold in the winter. A type of "antifreeze" is made by frogs from urea and glycogen.

FROGS USE THEIR EYEBALLS TO HELP THEM EAT:  During the process of swallowing, a frog will draw its eyes down toward the roof of its mouth in order to assist in the process of pushing food down its throat.

THE BIGGEST FROG IN THE WORLD CAN WEIGH NEARLY SEVEN POUNDS—THE SIZE OF A NEWBORN BABY!:  The Goliath frog, found in small ranges in the rainforests of western Africa, are truly massive: they can grow to lengths of 2.5 feet with their legs extended.

EXTINCT IN THE WILD, THE BRONX ZOO IS ONE OF THE ONLY PLACES IN THE WORLD WHERE YOU CAN SEE ONE SPECIAL FROG: The Kihansi spray toad is extinct in the wild. This fascinating species is one of the only frogs that give birth to live young.

CROAKING IS USED BY MALE FROGS AS A WAY TO ATTRACT FEMALES: The sound of a croak is unique to each species of frog. They are equipped with vocal sacs that absorb air and have the ability to magnify sound from a distance of up to one mile!

FROGS DON’T DRINK WATER WITH THEIR MOUTHS; THEY “DRINK” BY ABSORBING WATER THROUGH THEIR SKINFrogs have permeable skin, which means liquids and gases can pass through it. There is a bad side to having permeable skin, though. Frogs are at risk of absorbing whatever pollutions are in the water