Patio shade ideas 7 stylish ways to stay cool this summer

Update Your Pergola with Plants and Drapes

Enhance your pergola's aesthetics and functionality by adding climbing plants like clematis or wisteria to create natural shade. 

Keep Cool with a Parasol

High-quality parasols offer portable shade solutions. Opt for neutral tones for timeless appeal or bold hues for a summery vibe. Cantilever styles provide ample shade without obstructing

Make Most of Backyard Trees

Utilize existing trees for natural shade and privacy. Establish a seating area beneath the branches for a cool retreat. Choose fast-growing tree varieties for quicker shade coverage.

Create a Botanical Sun Screen with a Trellis

Install a garden trellis with climbing plants like star jasmine or passionflower for dappled shade. Consider edible climbers like grapevines or kiwi for added benefits.

Hang Fabulous Fabrics Around Your Outdoor Living Space

Decorate your pergola or gazebo with bespoke textiles for privacy and sun protection. Experiment with different fabrics sourced from various locations to add a unique touch

Go for Modern Shapes with Shade Sails

Opt for contemporary shade solutions with shade sails, available in various shapes and colors. Suspended from nearby structures or installed with a frame, shade sails offer versatility

Attach an Awning to Your Home

Install a simple awning off the back of your house for convenient shade. Choose from fabric or metal options based on your aesthetic preferences. Retractable awnings offer adjustable shade levels