Ideas For 8 Easy Updos For Long Hair

Low Bun With Loose Pieces

 Meghan Markle's signature low bun style with loose pieces framing the face adds a touch of elegance.

Loose Braided Bun

Tiffany Haddish's bun featuring a single braid adds a wow factor suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Double Bun

The double bun hairstyle provides an elegant solution for managing extra hair while keeping it away from the face.

Classic Bun

Sandra Oh demonstrates the perfect top knot updo hairstyle, sleek yet versatile enough for various outfits.

Top Knot & Low Pony

Regina King combines a top knot with a low ponytail for a stunning look suitable for any occasion.

Perfect Top Knot

Jennifer Lopez showcases how twisting and tying hair into a tight top knot can beautifully highlight highlights.

Flower Crown Braided Updo

Adding a string of flowers from ear to ear creates a dramatic effect for a more understated braided updo.

Messy Plaited Bun

Selenis Leyva's semi-messy bun tied with a braid wrapped around the base offers a stylish yet relaxed look.