Benefits of Adding Essential Oils to Bath Routine

The following essential oil blends will help you de-stress, revitalize your skin, ease tense muscles, clear your head, and enhance your general well-being:

Essential oil blend for relaxation

Three drops essential oil of lavender, two drops of ylang, two drops of petitgrain, and one tablespoon. Jojoba oi One of the greatest mixtures for making a soothing bath is this one.

Essential oil blend for moisturising dry skin

If you mix the proper essential oils into your bath water, it will also help moisturize your skin without irritating it. For dry skin, geranium and sandalwood are two of the best essential oils.

Essential oil blend for better sleep

Dozing off during the night? Is worry keeping you awake at night? Use the essential oils of Ylang, Neroli, and Jasmine to prepare for a soothing bath.

Essential oil blend for spiritual rejuvenation

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular these days as a way to improve meditation practice. You can focus better and declutter your mind with essential oils.

Essential oil blend for muscle pain

Whether you're exhausted after a busy day or your muscles are stretched following a hard workout, a fragrant bath with essential oils can assist. Essential oils such as clary sage can ease pain and release tense muscles.