9 Better-Than-Takeout Vegan Chinese Recipes

Add Affordable Decking

Transform a bland concrete balcony floor with interlocking deck tiles. They re easy to install and remove, perfect for renters looking to add a touch of style.

Hang Some Fabric

Enhance privacy and shield yourself from the elements with a simple privacy screen and draped fabric. This red curtain setup offers both functionality and a pop of color.

Channel Palm Beach Style

Revamp your balcony with pinstripe curtains, a brass table, and contrasting black chairs. This setup provides a balanced mix of lighting and elegance.

Accent With Plants

Strategically place hanging plant boxes, small potted plants, and a stylish hanging structure to create a lush, green balcony retreat.

Add a Planter Wall

Create a vibrant planter wall with florals and greenery. Combine wicker furniture and green astroturf to complete this relaxing haven.

Erect a Privacy Screen

Install a half-privacy screen made of bamboo strands. It offers a balance between privacy and openness, creating a cozy and refreshing spot for relaxation.

Add Style and Function

Incorporate plant stands of varying heights to showcase your plants. This adds a decorative touch while keeping the balcony organized and stylish.

Channel Parisian Style

Turn a narrow balcony into a Parisian dream with alternating deck tiles and a vintage dining set. This DIY project is perfect for adding charm and functionality.

Try an Egg-Shaped Chair

Add whimsy to your balcony with an egg-shaped chair. It fits perfectly without overwhelming the space, while stacked flower baskets and paper lanterns enhance the decor.