9 Long-Blooming Flowers for Attracting Butterflies and Hummingbirds

Joe Pye Weed

A stunning perennial with medium-pink blooms and foot-long, whorled leaves reaching up to 7 feet tall. The vanilla-scented flowers attract butterflies, making it a must-have for your flower bed.

Russian Sage

With its showy purple blooms, Russian sage is a magnet for butterflies. Its silvery foliage and bursts of small purple flowers make it an excellent addition to any garden.

Black-Eyed Susan

These drought-tolerant blooms, featuring yellow, orange, and russet colors, are irresistible to hummingbirds and butterflies alike. Watch as butterflies flock to these vibrant flowers.


Chrysanthemums, with their stunning fall blooms, are a favorite nectar source for butterflies in the autumn garden. Plant them in spring for a spectacular display later in the year.

Bee Balm

Hummingbirds adore the tubular blooms of bee balm, which grow up to 4 feet tall. These bright red flowers provide nectar through early fall, making them a favorite for pollinators.


Asters, reaching up to 6 feet tall, boast dozens of blooms on a single plant. Plant them early in the season for a beautiful display that butterflies will love.


Autumn Joy sedum is a fall favorite, attracting butterflies with its star-shaped blooms that transition from pale green to burgundy. It's a popular choice for butterfly gardens.


This versatile bloom attracts both seed-eating birds and butterflies with its sweet nectar. Enjoy the colorful display in late summer, when other blooms are fading.


A favorite among birds, bees, and butterflies, goldenrod boasts beautiful golden blooms. Deadhead regularly to keep these beauties thriving in your garden.