9 Incredible Facts About the Ocean

With such a vast expanse, it's clear how crucial these marine environments are to our planet and how much remains to be discovered.

Oceans Cover More Than 70% of the Earth s Surface

Given the extensive underwater area, it's unsurprising that marine species vastly outnumber those on land, making up 94% of all Earth's living species.

The Majority of Life on Earth is Aquatic

According to the Ocean Service, humans have explored less than 5% of Earth's oceans. Ongoing research continues to reveal new aspects of our marine environments.

Less Than 5% of the Oceans Have Been Explored

The Mid-Ocean Ridge, the Earth's longest mountain chain, stretches 65,000 kilometers beneath the ocean and is less explored than Venus or Mars.

The World s Longest Mountain Chain is Underwater

Thousands of shipwrecks, like the 1,000 off the Florida Keys, rest under the sea, contributing to underwater museums and sites of historical interest.

More Historic Artefacts Under the Sea Than in Museums

With 240,470 accepted species recorded by the World Register of Marine Species, scientists believe many more are yet to be discovered.

We Know Only a Fraction of Marine Species

Marine plants, particularly algae, are responsible for producing between 70% and 80% of the oxygen we breathe.

Oceans Produce Over 70% of the Planet s Oxygen

When salt water mixes with hydrogen sulfide, it becomes denser, forming underwater rivers and lakes.

Rivers and Lakes Exist Beneath the Ocean

Not only is a large portion of the Earth beneath the ocean, but approximately 50% of the United States also lies underwater.

Around 50% of the US Lies Beneath the Ocean