9 Exotic & Rare Animals You Probably Haven’t Heard Of


The Okapi, often called the forest giraffe, is a native species of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite its zebra-like stripes.


The Saola is characterized by its long, straight horns and distinctive white markings on the face. Its rarity and limited distribution place.


Pangolins are unique mammals covered in hard, protective scales. They are found in Asia and Africa and are highly sought after for their.


The Vaquita is a rare species of porpoise and is considered the world’s most endangered marine mammal. Found only in the northern.


The Kakapo is a flightless parrot native to New Zealand. Known for being the world’s heaviest parrot, the Kakapo is nocturnal.


The Gharial is a fish-eating crocodile native to the Indian subcontinent. With a distinctive long, narrow snout and a mass of sharp teeth.


The Axolotl is an aquatic salamander known for its ability to regenerate lost body parts. Native to the lake complex of Xochimilco.


The Solenodon is a small, nocturnal mammal found in parts of the Caribbean. It is one of the only mammals that can inject venom through grooves.


The Aye-aye is a type of lemur found only in Madagascar. It is known for its distinctive middle finger, which is thin and elongated.