9 Clever Ways to Boost Workout Motivation, According to Trainers

Find something you enjoy

Find an activity you enjoy, and you'll look forward to your workouts. Pilates teacher and Elevate with Kate app founder Katelyn Hissong explains.

Reward yourself

Stephanie Butterfield, CEO and founder of Activate House, recommends rewarding oneself for reaching objectives or sticking to a training plan.

Make it social

Meet a friend during your fitness class or add cardio with a walk or hike to chat and catch up, says certified trainer and Pilates instructor Dylan Davies, co-founder of LIFT Society.

Invest in yourself and classes

Those who pay for classes or trainer sessions should attend. “When you're spending your own money, it's that much harder to avoid working out.

Grab a workout buddy

Motivation is greatly improved with a training buddy. “Having someone there keeps you accountable and makes it more fun.

Switch up your workout routine

Butterfield warns that monotonous workouts might demotivate. She advocates mixing up your routine to stay interesting.

Start Small

If you're new to fitness, Pvolve director of programming and head trainer Maeve McEwen recommends ten minutes a day, a few times a week.

Put it on the calendar

Over time, this mentality shift changes the question from whether you'll exercise today to when you'll prioritize your health.

Create a dynamic workout playlist

Music improves everything, and Butterfield says it boosts happiness and motivation. “Make a playlist that matches your energy and workout.