9 Best Places to Scuba Dive in the U.S.

Monterey Bay, California

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, home to Point Lobos State Marine Conservation Area, boasts one of California's richest marine habitats. The pristine diving spots at Whaler s Cove and Bluefish Cove limit daily divers to 30

Santa Catalina Island, California

Ship Rock, situated two miles off the coast of Catalina Island, is a premier diving site. Among kelp forests, divers encounter garibaldi, sheepshead, Pacific octopus, leopard sharks, and angel sharks.

Channel Islands, California

The Channel Islands National Park, comprised of San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Anacapa, and Santa Barbara islands, boasts diverse marine life and excellent visibility due to mixing currents. 

Southeast Florida

Southeast Florida offers a long stretch of reef, with 23 miles running from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. The Gulf Stream current flows close to shore, providing warm, clear water

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys, home to reefs and famous wrecks, offer diving experiences for all levels. The Shipwreck Trail features wrecks like the USS Spiegel Grove and the Vandenberg in Key West. 

Morehead, North Carolina

Intermediate divers seeking shark encounters and wreck dives will enjoy Morehead, North Carolina. Day-long charters to the Spar wreck, a sunken 180-foot USCG cutter, provide opportunities to observe sand-tiger sharks. 

Bonne Terre, Missouri

Bonne Terre Mine, an hour south of St. Louis, offers unique diving experiences in a flooded lead mine. Guided dives reveal mining equipment, geological formations, and submerged infrastructure. 

Flower Garden Banks, Texas

Freeport serves as the gateway to Flower Garden Banks, located 100 miles (160 km) offshore. These coral reefs, part of America s coral reef system, teem with diverse marine life, including spinner dolphins

Puget Sound, Washington

Puget Sound, located just an hour from Seattle, offers over 75 shore-diving sites, including fjords, rocky reefs, and wrecks. Divers encounter diverse marine life such as sea lions, giant anemones, and killer whales