8 Sustainable Date Ideas to Help Make Every Day as Special as Valentine's Day

Have a Picnic

Eat outdoors instead than at a restaurant. You'll save money and get to talk and munch while inhaling fresh air, feeling grass (or sand), and enjoying Mother Nature.

Visit an Art Gallery

Use your mutual admiration to enjoy art. Walking around a museum or gallery with your date lets you discuss your interpretations and what you find lovely.

Go Thrifting

Joint shopping is the perfect way to "getting to know you" or "celebrating the 'you' that I know so well". A thrift shop fashion show may boost your wardrobe while helping the earth.

Plant a Garden

Whether you share a house and garden or not, caring for saplings, greens, and flowers is a great way to show your spouse and the Earth you care.

Find Some Seasonal Blooms

If you don't have a garden, visit a meadow or botanical garden to see blooms. We think enjoying live flowers' colors, textures, fragrances, and patterns is better than getting a bouquet.

Take a Walk

A walk in excellent company may slow you down, whether it leads to another activity, a lunch, or simply around the block.

Enjoy a Concert

The music makes us feel alive. Take in the vibrations and move to build your relationship with your spouse, others, and the world.

Peruse a Used Bookstore

Walking around a bookshop is romantic. Discover history, art, tales, and more with your companion, swapping covers and sections. You could discover a new favorite.