8 Pretty Pink Flowers For Your Garden


Roses come in every shade of pink imaginable and are gifted to symbolism gratitude, appreciation, and admiration. When selecting roses for the garden consider how much work you want to put into keeping them healthy

Bleeding Heart

This early-season favorite is beloved for its long, gently arching branches from which perfect heart-shaped blooms dangle like jewels. Though breeders have worked to incorporate more red hues into the flowers


Bold, vibrant lily blooms bring an abundance of cheer to any garden. These flowers take on many hues, and among the pinks include both warm and cool tones, many with multiply tones or speckles flecking their petals.


This lovely, showy annual can be used to make a butterfly buffet. Spider flowers get their name from the big, spider-like flowers that grow in groups on tall stems. Flower groups often have two colors.


Tall spikes of foxglove will give your garden a country feel. This old-fashioned beauty has stalks of funnel-shaped flowers that look like bells and draw hummingbirds and other pollinators.


Dahlias have lots of beautiful blooms in many colors, styles, and sizes that appear in the middle to end of summer. Dahlias are truly amazing. They can have single, anemone-like flowers or flower heads the size of dinner plates.

Egyptian Star Flower

Egyptian star flower is a tough plant that farmers in the South and beyond choose because of its round groups of star-shaped flowers. Birds and butterflies are drawn to the flower heads.


Azaleas thrive throughout the South, making them a perennial favorite. These low-maintenance shrubs are adored for their prolific spring bloom. Plants flower in a range of hues, with blossoms lasting several weeks.