8 Outdated Fashion Trends That Are Ruining Your Outfit If You’re Over 60

Once a symbol of power dressing in the 80s, poofy shoulders can now make an outfit look dated and out of proportion. Modern fashion favors more natural.

Poofy Shoulders & Sleeves

Baggy jeans may have been comfortable, but they can also look shapeless and unflattering. Today’s denim options include various cuts that offer comfort and style. 

Baggy Jeans

While bold prints can make a statement, overly loud patterns can sometimes overwhelm your frame and make an outfit look chaotic.

Loud Prints

Fanny packs had a brief resurgence, but they often bring to mind outdated fashion eras. If you need a hands-free option, try a sleek crossbody bag or a stylish.

Fanny Packs

Long skirts that drag on the ground can look frumpy and impractical. Instead, opt for midi skirts that hit mid-calf or just below the knee.

Overly Long Skirts

Chunky, heavy jewelry can weigh down an outfit and make it look outdated. Modern fashion trends lean towards minimalism.

Heavy Jewelry

Wide belts can cut your figure in half and disrupt the flow of an outfit. Opt for narrower belts that can define your waist without overwhelming your frame.

Wide Belts

While tracksuits are comfortable, they can look too casual and dated for everyday wear. Instead, consider athleisure pieces that blend comfort with style.

Track Suits