8 Glorious Viking Hairstyles for Women

In every Viking hairstyle, braids are important. Side braids with barrel-style beads create a lattice look. To enhance tiny plaits, add different beads.

Decorated Braids

The Vikings character Torvi influenced this look. The style has rows of smaller braids on the sides with accessories and a larger braid on top. As it falls, the middle braid cascades.

Torvi Braids

Regular fishtails are simpler than Viking fishtails. Beads and decorations make it appear amazing. You must make several braids that function together.

Viking Fishtail for Women

Viking shield maidens were formidable fighters, and this haircut reflected that. It has a giant braid on the crown and several smaller braids around the head.

Shield Maiden Braids

Freydis from Vikings inspired this one alone. She usually has long wavy hair. Her filthy blonde hair is key.

Freydis Waves

Viking-style mohawks don't require shaving. Instead, one braid runs from the fringe to the back of the head, with smaller braids on either side.

Viking Mohawk Haircut

Modern Viking haircut with big pull-through braids. Top hair should be darker, while bottom braids should be brown or lighter.

Two-Toned Viking

Most Viking women had long hair, and this style has volume. This hairdo is stunning because of its volume and spread.

Viking Volume