8 Fun Workouts to Try With Your Significant Other

Walking is the most underappreciated companion exercise since it's easy, doesn't require fancy equipment, and, most importantly, works. Walking can practically lengthen your life.


Crossfit, a type of high-intensity interval training, rapidly increases muscle mass and endurance (HIIT).


For couples who require some rivalry to spur them on to workout, tennis is an excellent option.


Partner yoga is a low-intensity exercise that enhances flexibility, balance, attention, and concentration.

Partner Yoga

Dancing together enhances balance, coordination, stability, and flexibility. It also makes you seem good in front of friends and family, especially for the first dance at the wedding!


"Participating in hill sprints as a group can be an enjoyable way to develop friendly competition, boost your fitness level, and tone your legs and booty."

Hill Sprints

A stand-up paddleboard (SUP) is an exciting and demanding exercise for couples if you live near water.


By enrolling in a Pilates class with your partner, you may improve your strength and flexibility while working on your entire body workout with the Reformer machine.