8 Different Types Of Manicures To Know

Cuticles are treated with lotion or oil, hands are soaked in warm water, nails are trimmed and shaped, and a hand massage is given.

Basic Manicure

Nails are painted with a clear, beige, or pale pink base. The tips are then painted white. Variations with different colors for the tips are also popular.

French Manicure

Nails are cleaned, trimmed, and shaped. After soaking and cuticle care, a clear base coat is applied followed by a darker polish.

Reverse French Manicure

Hands are massaged with oils, then dipped into melted paraffin wax several times to create layers. The wax is left to sit before being peeled off

Paraffin Manicure

Nails are cleaned and given a round shape. A base coat is followed by ivory nail polish, which is either airbrushed or applied with a brush.

American Manicure

Basic manicure steps are followed by two coats of gel polish, each cured under UV light. This ensures a strong, lasting finish.

Gel Manicure

After a basic manicure, a thick coat of dark nail polish is applied and cured under UV light. Chrome pigment is brushed on to create a mirror effect, sealed with a top coat.

Mirror Manicure

Nails are buffed, and an acrylic mixture is applied and sculpted into shape. Once dried, the extensions are polished and smoothed.

Acrylic Manicure