8 Cool Blonde Dreads Hairstyles: Most Popular Blonde Locs Hair Ideas for Women

Side-Swept Braided Dreads

Don't buy dreads' simplicity. There are many hairstyles to protect and style your hair. For a more unique texture, braid or twist smaller twists.

Browny Dreads in Puff Hairstyle

This style flattens the front with elaborate plaited twists to highlight the golden-brown bun on the crown.

Dreaded Halo with Highlights

Thick and thin twists and swirls give this elegant updo a unique look. Your intricate hairstyle will captivate everyone.

Short Dreadlocks Women Hairstyle

After many hair experimentation, you may wish to let it grow out while keeping it healthy. This works best with short, edgy locs.

Yarn Dreads in Two High Buns

Students can express their creativity with a fun back pattern that adds height.

Dreadlock Bantu Knots

Braided dreadlocks in lovely, tight Bantu knots look good at any time.

Mohawk with Loopy Dreadlocks

See if there are any new loc trends for fashion-forward women who will do anything to sport their dreads in statement hairdos.

Blonde Swirly Dread Bun

One of many innovative dreadlock hairstyles for girls, this is basic but effective. Small dreads suit updos and other hairstyles.