8 Budget-Friendly Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Colourful annual plants like impatiens and petunias are great for adding splashes of colour to planting beds and containers.

Avoid Annuals

Front yard landscaping ideas with lovely texture and movement can be achieved with tall ornamental grasses like Indian grass (Sorghastrum nutans), beak grass (Diarrhena obovata) or switchgrass (Panicum virgatum).

Fill Gaps with Large Grasses

Purchasing no more than five different types of plants is a straightforward front yard landscaping idea, despite the temptation to buy a wide selection of plants from the garden centre.

Limit Types of Plants

Plant in a thick enough way to cover the entire ground to reduce the need for expensive garden upkeep.

Densely Plant to Cut Weeds

Before planting and spreading mulch, cover exposed soil with cardboard to create a biodegradable weed barrier.

Deter Weeds with Cardboard

Planting is best done in the spring when the weather is warm and the allure of being outside after a long winter is strong.

Take Advantage of Deals

By employing pots and planted containers, you can save thousands of dollars instead of completely landscaping your yard.

Divide to Multiply Plants for Free

It can be very economical to plant a garden from seed if you have the patience and time. Native wildflowers are a superior addition to perennial seed mixes that are resistant to drought and other unfavourable weather conditions.

Plant from Seed