8 Amazing Yoga Poses For Kids To Stay Healthy And Fit

Begin your yoga practice with peace. Lie on your back, arms at sides, palms up, eyes shut. Breathe deeply to relax fully and reduce anxiety.

Corpse Pose

Help kids concentrate with this simple pose. Sit cross-legged, hands on heart or knees. Feel relaxed and flexible with steady breaths.

Pose for Easy Sitting

Teach balance with beauty. Stand tall, shift weight to one foot, raise the other to thigh, ankle, or shin. Arms up, hold for posture and balance.

Tree Pose

Strengthen back muscles and posture playfully. Start on hands and knees, arch like a cat. Enjoy better sitting and standing posture.

Cat Pose

Benefit from health and joy. Lie belly-down, palms down, lift head and chest. Hold for balance and reduced stress.

Cobra Pose

Boost mobility and core strength. Begin on hands and knees, push hips back for a stretch. Breathe deeply for enhanced flexibility.

Frog Pose

Relax and unwind like a butterfly. Sit with legs wide, soles together. Breathe deeply for digestion and relaxation benefits.

Butterfly Pose

Add fun and relieve stress. Kneel, hips on heels, eyes wide, tongue out. Breathe deeply for lung health and stress relief.

Lion Pose