7 Yoga Poses That Will Help You Learn How to Do a Split

Head to Knee

This split stretch targets the hamstrings one at a time. This will also start to open your hips and you'll feel it in your lower back.

Tipover Tuck

This calming yoga pose is an excellent method to start simultaneously stretching both hamstrings and improving your lower back's flexibility. Not only will you feel great,


You can stretch your hip flexors even farther with this exercise, which will help you get closer to performing a full split.

Standing Hand to Big Toe A

This is a more strenuous vertical split stretch that lets you further stretch your hamstrings by using your upper body strength.

Seated Straddle

This yoga pose, which is essentially a center split, stretches your lower back and hamstrings. It concentrates more on the area of your hamstrings that is closest to your pelvis because your legs are apart.

Standing Split

Before performing a horizontal split, this vertical split stretch is an excellent exercise. It will stretch your hips and work on the hamstring of your standing leg.

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

You need more than just flexible hamstrings to master the split. This kneeling hip flexor stretch can assist in developing flexible hips and hip flexors, which are very essential.