7 Top Low-Maintenance Pet Bird Species


Doves are gentle birds that enjoy interaction but are also content entertaining themselves. With easy cleaning and a healthy diet, they thrive with a few hours of out-of-cage exercise and access to UV light.


Finches thrive with a roomy flight cage and flock-mates, preferring socialization with other finches over humans. Their quiet chirps and amusing antics make them enjoyable pets for those willing to feed, water, and clean up after them.


Canaries, part of the finch family, are hands-off pets requiring a healthy diet, flight space, and toys. They come in various colors and may have head crests or frilly feathers.


Budgies, bonding strongly with caretakers, appreciate attention but are easily occupied in a spacious cage with toys. They require socialization daily and make minimal mess compared to larger parrots.


Cockatiels, needing out-of-cage playtime, are less demanding than larger parrots. They entertain themselves with toys and can be trained to whistle and follow commands.


Lovebirds, charming like larger parrots, thrive with a few hours of interaction daily. Single lovebirds can do well with human interaction and a roomy cage with toys.

Pionus Parrot: 

Pionus parrots are devoted yet independent, content with alone time and toys. They enjoy playing with caretakers and need at least three hours of out-of-cage exercise each day.