7 Must See Coins That Changed History

1. The Lydian Lion (600 BCE)

Considered one of the first standardized coins, the Lydian Lion set the stage for the development of currency and commerce in the ancient world.

2. The Roman Denarius (211 BCE - 244 CE)

The Roman Denarius was a symbol of Rome's economic and military power, used throughout the Republic and Empire.

3. The Athenian Owl Tetradrachm (5th Century BCE)

Featuring the iconic owl of Athena, this coin symbolized Athens' cultural and intellectual achievements during its Golden Age.

4. The Spanish Pieces of Eight (16th - 19th Century)

These silver coins were the world's first global currency, widely used in trade across Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

5. The Byzantine Solidus (4th - 11th Century)

The Byzantine Solidus was the standard currency of the Byzantine Empire, known for its purity and stability.

6. The Chinese Wu Zhu (3rd Century BCE - 7th Century CE)

The Wu Zhu was one of China's earliest coins, reflecting the economic and political changes during the Han Dynasty.

7. The American Gold Eagle (1986 - Present)

Introduced as part of the Gold Bullion Coin Act, the American Gold Eagle symbolizes the United States' commitment to gold as a monetary standard.