7 Most Popular Natural Swimming Holes Across the U.S.

Chena Hot Springs | Fairbanks, AK:

This hot spring, discovered by miners in 1905, offers healing waters rich in minerals, reaching 106°F. Besides soothing muscle strains and arthritis, the resort features an onsite spa offering Swedish or deep tissue massages. Located in central Alaska

Homestead Crater | Midway, UT:

Nestled within a 55ft-tall limestone crater, this geothermal hot spring maintains a temperature of over 90°F year-round. Ideal for post-hike or après-ski relaxation, it's surrounded by ski resorts like Park City and Deer Valley.

Havasu Falls | Lake Havasu, AZ:

Accessible via a 20-mile hike through a red rock canyon, Havasu Falls captivates with its turquoise waters. Located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation, visitors must register with the tribe to access the falls. The vibrant color comes from minerals like magnesium

Diana s Baths | Bartlett, NH:

A short hike within White Mountain National Forest leads to this swimming hole, featuring a 75ft waterfall. Historically significant, it was once the site of a family-operated sawmill. Named after Diana, the Roman goddess of nature

Wekiwa Springs State Park | Apopka, FL:

Flowing at approximately 43 million gallons per day, Wekiwa Springs offers a refreshing escape from nearby Disneyworld. With a constant temperature of 72°F, these crystal-clear springs are perfect for snorkeling or simply relaxing

Midnight Hole | Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC:

Nestled within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Midnight Hole rewards hikers with an emerald pool surrounded by boulders. Its chilly waters offer a refreshing break before continuing along the Big Creek Trail to Mouse Creek Falls.

Peekamoose Blue Hole | Sundown, NY:

Secluded within the Sundown Wild Forest, Peekamoose Blue Hole's jewel-toned waters beckon visitors seeking a remote swimming spot. Formed by ancient geological processes, this secluded gem now requires a permit to ensure its preservation for future generations.

Jacob s Well | Wimberley, TX:

Known for its deep, crystal-clear waters, Jacob s Well is a popular spot for swimming and diving in Texas. Located in Wimberley, this natural swimming hole attracts adventurers seeking a refreshing escape from the Lone Star State's heat.