7 Fast-Growing Vegetables to Plant in Early Spring

Radishes are one of the fastest-growing crops, taking six weeks from seed to harvest. Radishes can tolerate cold but not heavy frost, so Martha's farm in New York plants them in April.


When to plant and harvest turnips is comparable to radishes. Harvesting turnips takes three to four weeks longer. Smaller white Japanese varieties develop faster and are sweeter.


The lettuce kind determines its growth speed. Leafy varieties develop quickest and mature in 45 60 days. Heading kinds take several weeks longer than Romaine. Seeds or transplants may grow lettuce (seeds need light).


Early spring spinach gardens are ideal since it requires cooler temperatures to avoid bolting and becoming bitter. Rows or beds may be used to grow spinach. The vegetable may be sown in early spring.


I think arugula grows faster than radishes. You may plant it in early spring or later since it can endure cold or warm weather. First, loosen the soil, then scatter seeds and water.


Kale, the coldest vegetable, should be planted early (or late in the autumn to overwinter in warmer climes). Cold weather makes leaves sweeter. Kale has green, red, and purple hues.


Plant peas early (March 15 is typical). Peas detest heat, so planting them early lets them develop in mild conditions. Plant snow, snap, or shelling depending on what section of the pod you eat.