7 Exercises to Improve Your Balance

Tree Pose:

This yoga posture starts with both feet together and hands by your sides. Lift one foot to rest against the opposite leg, arms extended upwards. It strengthens legs and promotes balance and focus.

One-Legged Crunch:

Standing on one leg, bring the opposite knee up while clapping hands above and below the knee. Repeat for 20 reps. It enhances core stability and challenges coordination.

Flying High Plank:

Begin in a high plank position, then lift one arm up towards the sky for 5 seconds before returning to plank. Alternate arms for 10 rounds. This exercise strengthens the core.

Heel To Toe Walk:

Walk forward with one foot directly in front of the other, heel to toe, maintaining a straight line. Repeat for 5-6 meters, then try walking backward. It enhances balance, coordination, and body alignment.

Clock Hands: 

Hold an object at arm's length, then lift one leg and point the arm to different "clock" positions. Repeat on the other side. This exercise challenges balance and coordination while engaging the core muscles.

Toe Lifts: 

Stand tall, lift heels off the ground, and balance on the balls of your feet. Lift and lower both arms while maintaining balance. It strengthens foot muscles and improves overall balance.


Lift one knee as high as possible while keeping hands on hips and back straight. Lower the leg slowly and repeat on the other side. This exercise improves leg strength and flexibility while enhancing balance and stability.