7 Exercises That Are Too Hard on Your Arms After 40

They also exert a lot of strain on the wrists, which may cause discomfort or damage in those over 50. A history of shoulder injuries might worsen any lingering discomfort. 

Traditional Pushups

Another great chest-building workout is the bench press. However, shoulder difficulties and weak wrists might make it difficult, like pushups.

Bench Presses

The most common muscle-building workout is bicep curls. The elbow might strain while using a barbell.

Barbell Bicep Curls

Dips of the triceps might be taxing on your shoulders and wrists on occasion. Furthermore, if they are performed poorly, it might result in potential injury. Generally speaking, I advise my elderly customers to steer clear of them.

Tricep Dips

A complete upper-body workout, the barbell overhead press may worsen shoulder and neck difficulties and cause injury if you lose control. Many clients can safely do these, but sitting dumbbell presses work too.

Barbell Overhead Presses

Pull-ups are great for upper-body strength but difficult, so older clients generally ignore them. Weak lats and overhead strength offer several problems for daily living, from back discomfort to the inability to securely reach above things.


Skull crushers work the triceps but also the neck, elbows, and shoulders. Additionally, holding the weight above your face is risky.

Skull Crushers