7 Essential Composting Tips for Beginners Mistakes to Avoid

Know what NOT to compost

Knowing what to compost and what not to compost are equally crucial for healthy vegetable garden compost. Your household garbage will feed your garden

Use an electric composter

Lomi is one of the finest indoor compost containers available. Electric kitchen gadget Lomi is not your typical compost container.

Don t leave your waste exposed

The garbage usually smells bad too. Electric composters like Lomi include lids, but you may need to buy one for your indoor compost pail or bucket.

Chop up your kitchen scraps

Chopping, dicing, or slicing up your kitchen scraps is one of the great composting tips for compost bins, indoor or outdoor.

Big Curls Side Sweep

Turning your compost pile uniformly distributes oxygen and moisture, speeding up composting. Turn your pile every two days using a pitchfork or shovel.

Compost fallen leaves

Fallen leaves offer nutrients and lots of soil-improving organic matter. If you worry that too many fallen leaves will throw off the texture or balance of your compost pile

Find the right spot for your pile

Need some more compost pile tips? Make sure you locate your garden compost pile on bare soil somewhere that s level and well-drained.