7 Basic Reasons Why Women Divorce Their Husbands

Aprons and cookbooks aren't on today's bride's registry. She wants an equal relationship with shared obligations and benefits, not colonial gender roles.

Women have high and complex expectations about marriage, and those get dashed

Only change may be constant in life. Things don't always go smoothly or logically. Over the past few decades, women's place in society has altered dramatically.

Equality isn’t all that “equal

An intuitive and emotional nature are natural features in women. No gender dominates any innate tendency, especially when choice and effort can enrich it.

Women are still the emotional caregivers

Women may be good at forming communities because they always have so much going on. They seek help more than males.

Women are more inclined to reach out for support

Courtesans are the only women allowed to use libraries and schools, so she takes advantage. Her straightforward statement to Venice's spouses emphasizes that distinction.

Women are getting more educated

Bad ideas, restrictive laws, and male-dominated civilizations have built barricades that women are still knocking down.

Women have more opportunities today

Sometimes being underdog pays off. A repressed, exploited, beaten, or neglected woman may not see any risk in leaving her marriage.

Women often have nothing more to lose