11 Creative Updo Ideas for Short Hair

Floral Braids

Create a chic updo for short hair by braiding the sides and securing the ends into a messy bun. Use texturizing spray for added grip and waves.

Strong Side Part with Micro Braids

Achieve a braided crown look with a deep side part and small braids on one side, optionally adding a halo headpiece for extra flair.

Easy Half-Up

A half-up hairstyle paired with a velvet bow offers a chic and effortless look.

Silver Coils

Update a classic ponytail with a futuristic twist by wrapping it in silver coils, adding texture on top for a softer finish.

Ribbon-Adorned Pixie

Wrap a ribbon around the front of a pixie cut to create a formal, updo-like appearance with added volume on top.

Multi-Headband Updo

Stack multiple headbands to sweep your hair back, achieving an elegant look without intricate styling.

Messy Topknot

A half-up messy topknot gains edge with added texture and looks better the messier it gets.

Slick Pony

Charlize Theron's sleek ponytail is achieved with Virtue Labs products to maintain smoothness and control frizz.

Messy Bun

Jennifer Lawrence's lower messy bun ensures short hair stays in place using bobby pins instead of hair ties.

Rolled-Up Ends

For a look similar to floral braids, twist side pieces back to the nape and roll ends upward, securing with bobby pins.

Woven French Twist

Miley Cyrus' French twist is playfully polished with a ribbon woven through, using repurposed ribbons for a designer touch.