10 Outdated Home Design Trends You Should Avoid In 2024

Embrace a rich, textured palette

"We're witnessing a refreshing resistance against the pervasive all-white trend with the emergence of monochromatic paint, vibrant upholstery, statement rugs, and everything in between," adds Heather. 

Welcome a renaissance of pattern

People want houses with character, personality, and oomph, a striking break from bland design that has ruled for too long. Heather describes a pattern revival. Add upholstery, linens, wallpaper, and more.

Play with Pinks, Blues and Greens

"Any remnants of the gray trend for paint and flooring stains will officially say goodbye in 2024 (finally)!" says Dallas-based Maestri Studio principal architect Eddie Maestri. 

Look For Wood Tones and Colored Cabinets

"Earthy, layered palettes are replacing stark white kitchens," says Seattle-based Hoedemaker Pfeiffer interior design principal Peak Petersen. 

Personalize with Meaning

Generic phrases about life, love, and laughter are being replaced with story-driven art and items. Heather recommends displaying heirlooms, family art, and antique things in your house.

Get Creative

"Steer clear of the furniture superstore vibe by avoiding matching coffee and accent tables," she adds. "Instead, create contrast with different textures, tones, and silhouettes to add character to your living space."

Source Elegant Refurbished Pieces

Joshua Smith's simple farmhouse table with new paint and foliage is more beautiful for 2024. "Reclaimed materials that have been refurbished and revived are replacing rustic ones," explains Hoedemaker Pfeiffer architect principal Tori Masterson.

Preserve The Coziness of Closed Spaces

 "In terms of what’s in for kitchens, we’re seeing more wood tones and panels instead of traditional cabinet fronts, which add a nice touch of nature and texture into the heart of the home."

Design With Intention

It might be tempting to buy ordinary materials and finishes from your local box shop, but finding items that make you feel something and inspire amazement when you enter in the space may be worth the effort and money.

Opt for Real or Dried Stems

As much as feasible, 2024 house dcor will include nature. "For a connection to the natural world, opt for real flowers or dried stems for a modern and inspired aesthetic," adds Heather.